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Advantages of Loving Books

As a lover of books myself, I know how wonderful it is to have a passion for books. I'm here to give you reasons why you should become a book lover - and how.

If you already love books,

1) You can become really be good in English (or whatever language you read books in). You can use professional language and look smart. It will also give you fluent speech.

2) You may know many small facts which may help you in surprising places. There are always things to learn in books, whatever story it is.

3) It increases the speed of reading, making it easier to go through notes for work/school/etc. This is amazing!

4) You can never be bored! There are no limits to books! You can never read all the books! There are always new books to read. Say goodbye to boredom! (Did you know - around 2,700 new books are being written and published every single day!)

5) It's (almost) free entertainment! You can read the same thing over and over again and not get bored, especially in books like Harry Potter.

6) It improves your grammar and writing.

7) It sharpens your mind and improves your memory!

8) It also increases concentration and gives peace of mind. I hope this convinces you that reading is an amazing habit (if you don't think so already). I always have a book in hand no matter what because I love them and it's my most favorite past time. I would advise you all to do the same! Hope you find it helpful! Come back to my blog for more Epiphanies, Reviews, etc!

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