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Why Gryffindor?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Most of the world would have read J.K Rowling's best-selling series - Harry Potter.

There definitely would have been a time for any Harry Potter fan to be asked - "which is your favourite Hogwarts house?" or "which house would you like to be sorted in?" and, accept it or not, most of you would have chosen Gryffindor. Why? Not because it's the only one with special qualities, but because Harry, Ron and Hermione were sorted into it.

Every house is known for its qualities - Gryffindor for its courage, bravery and knowing the good from the bad. Ravenclaw is known for its clever, intelligent and witty students who master everything from Potions to Muggle knowledge. Hufflepuff is known for its kindness, sympathy, honour and truthfulness. Slytherin, everyone may think it's not good, but it has its qualities - Determination and achieving goals at all costs are one of its best.

Let's face the truth. We all want to be sorted into Gryffindor. We think, that simply because it's the hero's house, it's the best out of the four. Gryffindor is for the brave, and everyone can call Harry, Ron and Hermione brave. Some of us may be brave and be sorted into Gryffindor originally, but some of us could be clever and may actually be sorted in Ravenclaw, Some of us could be kind and be placed in Hufflepuff. And determination is a great thing to have and be placed in Slytherin. Let's be proud of wherever we are placed.

Gryffindor is not the best! There are four houses for a reason. We have to embrace what we are. Being sorted in the other houses show that you have other qualities!

It would be bad for us if we were placed in the wrong house. Imagine the average-studies, downright Harry being placed in Ravenclaw! That's why we have the sorting hat to put us into our right houses. The heroes could be brave, but we have our unique qualities. We are all heroes in our own way.

Now, I ask you again, which Hogwarts house would you like to be sorted in? I'll sure be interested to know!

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