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Best Friendships in Stories!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Friends are an important part of every story. There are different types of friendships : they could be siblings, they may have opposite personalities, they could act like enemies and actually be friends, etc. Some friendships really stand out though, and I'll be trying to cover some which I really love.

PS : They aren't ranked.

Gone Series : Sam and Quinn

The two buddies went through a lot. Quinn almost betrayed Sam which caused a certain falling out, but everything turned out well in the end. Sam, when he had to escape from hospital, immediately called Quinn for help, and Quinn also came to help with no second thoughts. They still trust each other and after going through something like the FAYZ, friendships don't break.

In fact, most friendships formed in the FAYZ will never break, like Dekka and Diana, as seen in the subseries.

A Murder most Unladylike - Daisy and Hazel

I feel that this friendship is unique. Daisy is this forthright, effortlessly clever, funny, two faced, yet kind person, where Hazel is this more thoughtful, hardworking person, who is not as straightforward and upfront as Daisy. Daisy was always the leader of the duo and also named herself the President of the Detective Society while Hazel had to work her way up as Vice-President and Secretary. They have had their fights like in the fourth book "Jolly Foul Play". But they have always come back as friends. I love the character development of Hazel in their friendship too, making this truly unique. They have this way of understanding each others thoughts just through their facial expressions and gestures. Only the very best of friends can do that.

Hunger Games - Katniss and Peeta

I know this wasn't just a friendship, but much more than that. I don't know how to describe this, but every moment Katniss had with Peeta, I loved. The way both of them helped each other, were ready to sacrifice themselves for each other is what makes this friendship great. There are no words, just that this is one of the best friendships I have seen.

Shiva Trilogy - Shiva and Bhadra

I love their friendship so much. There is this part where Bhadra mentions a custom in his tribe that they have to ask the permission of their leader to marry. He asks Shiva for permission as Shiva is the leader of their tribe. Shiva's spontaneous reply that he trusts his friend to do what is right and doesn't want to control him shows their friendship.

Some others whom I have to mention here : Harry Potter's Golden Trio, The four princes of Ayodhya in the Ram Chandra Series by Amish, Four (Tobias) and Zeke in Divergent, etc.

There are obviously some that I missed. Let me know what they are and if I should do a part two!

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