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Can You Understand This?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

OK, let me tell you, if you can read this book I'm going to mention, and also understand it, you're either a very imaginative person, or a very old one :)

R.K.Narayan is a wonderful author, but also, a kind of complicated one. His books are wonderful, but are a bit difficult to understand (unless you were born in the 1980s or before) His style is wonderful, and the stories are awesome, and are not specifically about anything. Simply life. I had to read every paragraph two or three times before I could understand what is happening.

It is not that the stories are very complicated, it's not. It couldn't be simpler. But the way it has been written, the style, the happenings, are just difficult to grasp for the ones born in the twenty first century.

This author is kind of like the books I mentioned in my other blog post, "The Best Story - Life" These are all just life lessons. People tell us that the best teacher is History, to learn from the past, and in one of his books, "Malgudi Days", he has just given a lesson out of the past. Another one of his famous books is "Swami and Friends". It is about a boy named Swami, and his happiness and sorrows in his life.

I think that everyone should read these books and get a taste of the past.

The author has mentioned in the beginning of Malgudi Days that there is no such place as Malgudi, just an imaginary place in Southern India. (In Case you want to know)

Let me know after how many times you read a paragraph you could understand it. You could be a very clever person. (or a very old one 😂)

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