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Funniest Moments - Island of Adventure

Enid Blyton is such a humorous author - I laugh till I crack and choke every time I read her books. It may be the first time, or it may be the thousandth. It's so funny. Now I'm going to share with you the most funny and ironic moments of the book, The Island of Adventure - a part of a series by Enid Blyton.

This does not contain spoilers for the adventure as in what will happen, etc. This is also only the funny parts in the parts of the book where I will not be giving spoilers. The rest of it can be found in another post.

In the second chapter, it says, that during class, "a young rat had left Philip's sleeve on a journey of exploration and had gone up Mr. Roy's trouser leg in a most determined manner" I found the 'determined' part very funny. It's like the rat actually knew where it was going. It's also a perfect example of personification.

In the same chapter, it also says that when Mr. Roy was teaching a history fact, Kiki the talking parrot shouted to him 'don't talk nonsense' This is also one of the things I choked on. Then as if it was not enough it also shouted 'naughty boy, I'll send you to bed' Oh my goodness that was funny.

Then in the third chapter, when it was found out that Jack, another boy who came for tuition with Mr. Roy, could not go home since his uncle had broken his leg, the thought on the teacher's mind was 'Rude boys he could deal with and did - but rude parrots were beyond him' The simple irony of this is just so funny. It's like the parrot was a person

I found the fights between Philip and his sister Dinah very funny. Their first fight happened in the car. When Dinah sees the rat on Philip, she shouts at him. Philip gets cross and called her an idiot. Dinah got angry and banged her head on the side of the car. So she got mad and slapped Philip. While imagining correctly, this is like a silly, funny movie.

The next time they fought was due to the starfish. When Philip told Dinah that by cutting a starfish into half, you would just get two starfishes instead of one, I can imagine Dinah's frustration and disappointment.

There are loads more funny parts in this book, but those will come in another blog. Hope you also found this funny. Look out for the second part of this!

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