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GONE - The Subseries

I love Michael Grant's GONE series. This fiction book series is a mix of everything - action, adventure, romance, comedy, grief, suspense, etc. So, I was only too happy that there were 3 more books as a subseries where the story continues and brings back some of my favorite characters. But then something happened. Something I never expected. Something I hoped would never happen in any book. The end of the story was left to be determined by fan fiction.

Spoiler Alert : In the end, it is up to the Rockborn Gang to decide whether they want to end the world or keep fighting the evil guys. They take a vote. And then it's over. The story ends.

Now, when I first read the last page of Hero, the last book in the subseries (and the entire series), I was so angry. It was so disappointing. However good the fans are, we would never be happy with it. We can never continue the series as well as Michael Grant did. I was mainly angry with the author himself. With just a few more pages, the story could have finished. I wouldn't have minded what the vote declared. Either the world ends or it doesn't. I just wanted a complete story, but no. The story also kind of evolves around meta-physics and stuff which a normal person probably cannot get around. It took me some time to make some sense of it. So, how will someone be able to finish the story? UGH.

Only after I spoke to some people about this did I realize, yes, I was disappointed with Michael Grant, but if in the future, if he were to write another book, would I purchase and read it? Absolutely 100% YES. Not many authors can pull this off. Usually when leaving the book in a cliff-hanger, the author is bound to get a lot of hates, but not in this case. I am not happy with the fan fiction part, but I still love his writing style and would still read his other books.

Only a great author can pull this off. Hats off to you!

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