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Good or Great?

What is the difference between a good book and a great book? Have you ever wondered? Let's see, through the example of the book 'Hetty Feather - Emerald Star'

Hetty Feather adventures are a series of books written by Jacqueline Wilson. When I finished reading the last book, Emerald Star, I cried buckets of tears. Let's see why..

First, Hetty wanted to find her mother, which she did. But, unfortunately her mother died, which I agree, is sad. Then Hetty went to seek for her father. Having found him, she should have been happy. But was she? She says that finding her father is the most important thing for her, but having found him, she just leaves due to a couple of bad days there. Family bonds should be stronger.

Furthermore, if she was going to leave, she could have just left, but no she didn't! She had to go reveal her presence to her father and then leave him mourning. Idiot.

When she found Jem, I was more than happy, I knew they could be the perfect couple. Jem was amazing, according to me, he was the best character in the series, always so kind, honest, thoughtful and helpful, you can't help liking him. I hated it when Hetty and Jem had quarrels, it was so sad to see them fighting. I mean, I had been looking forward to them marrying from the very first book. OK, if it wasn't Jem, at least Gideon, but no. After everything Hetty said about loving Jem like her own brother, she left him to go and work in a circus for WHAT?

Jem sounded so sad, I cried for like days! I hated Hetty right then, is she dumb or what? To leave all the proper homes she had? Then it dawned on me...

A good book would have brought the family together or maybe married off Hetty and Jem... but this is not a good book. It's a GREAT one. That differentiates good books and great ones.

Jacqueline Wilson is an awesome writer! The way she writes you would have thought the story was real! She writes in a way which makes sure you never ever forget her books. I'm no longer angry (still sad), but awestruck! I want to be able to write like that, make people believe whatever I say in the books. You're such an amazing author!

A book with a nice storyline is a good book, but a book which takes you into the storyline is a great book!

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