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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Ok, let's face it. Every story has a villain. But that villain, could have good qualities too! They are obviously bad, but, could be, as I said - amazing. Let's see.

For example - Let's take Bellatrix from Harry Potter

I think she's very cool, what about you? She may be bad, but she's got her good points. She's loyal and determined.

Out of all the villains, she may just be my favorite.

Another example - Let's take Voldemort!

He was also determined. He was cruel, but in the fourth book, when he and harry dueled, he gave Harry a chance to get his wand, and get into position. He wanted to redeem himself as the best.

Our last example for this topic - Fern from St Clare's

She was conceited and vain. But she wanted to be noticed and she strived for it. In quite the wrong way, but she tried. That was good of her!

Villains are people who know they are doing wrong and still do it. But there are some who think they are doing good but unknowingly do evil.

Example - Maharishi Bhrigu from the Shiva Trilogy

He thought that the Somras was good. He thought that it was Shiva who was evil since Shiva was trying to destroy the Somras. We all thought Bhrigu evil, but at the end, he wasn't. He just got the wrong end of the stick!

Same can be said for Ginny from Harry Potter. She was under a curse which made her follow the order of the diary and the basilisk. She isn't evil, she's one of the good ones! One of the best in the good ones!

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