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Harry Potter - The Other "Chosen One"

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

We all know Harry Potter is the chosen one. But is it possible that there was one more? Let's see.

The prophecy said that the chosen one would be a boy born on July, 1980. Harry was born on July 31st, but NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM was also born in July. July 30th 1980. So Neville could have been the chosen one. He could have been the one with the scar. He could have been the one who defeats Voldemort. But he was not. Why?

Voldemort had to choose. Which one of them should be the chosen one? He chose Harry. Why? Harry was, like Voldemort himself, a Half Blood, while Neville was a Pure Blood. Voldemort found Harry a more "equal" opponent. He saw himself in Harry before he saw him. What would have changed if Neville was the Chosen One?

1. Neville would have still lived with his grandmother, because Bellatrix tortured both of his parents into madness.

2. Neville would have grown up in the wizarding world, everyone speaking his name. His confidence would have increased.

3. Harry's parents would have been alive! They would have been together. Harry would not have had to live with the Dursleys. He would have been hugged by his own parents, and not by Mrs. Weasley.

4. Snape.... well, no one knows what would have changed there.. He literally showed that he had no emotions (until the last book) If Lily Potter was alive, maybe Snape would not have ill treated Harry, being afraid of angering Lily.

5. But the biggest of them all : Harry survived the killing curse because Lily sacrificed herself for him, and put a protective spell around him. But, Neville's parents being in the hospital, could NOT have been able to die for Neville. That means, Neville would have died when he was about 1 years old, and so when Voldemort comes to kill Neville, he would have died, so, no chosen one, sorry! That changes the whole story!

Did I get everything? Let me know in the comments!

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