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hOle books

Name : hOle books

Author : Different authors

Age Group : 6 and Above

Category : Wide range of themes

There is nothing wrong with reading small books. After reading big novels like Harry Potter, Divergent, etc., some small books can do us good. They have interesting, captivating stories which are funny and based on simple day to day activities.

Written by different authors, hOle books have different styles of writing, different categories and different plot twists. Just because the length of the books are shorter doesn't reduce the quality of them. These books are easy to carry in vacations and are good for a 30 mins - 1 hour read. There is no particular age to read these. This may be a good starting point for 1st grade or 2nd grade students to get into the habit of reading books, but it could also be good for older children to have some light reading.

Some examples for these types of books :

i) There are stories about a girl who got into trouble for accidently trespassing into a mean person's garden by mistake, (When Jiya met Urmila)

ii) a boy whose wildest dreams were to have a dog and what happens when he finally gets one, (Bonkers)

iii) a girl who wants to make money on her own, but without the help of her parents, everything goes wrong, (Peanut has a Plan)

iv) a boy who keeps eating others food that his friends have to find ways to stop him from taking their food (Petu Pumpkin - Tiffin Thief), and more

My favorites - When Jiya met Urmila

Big Bully and M-Me

The Shy Supergirl

Lucky Girl

I would really encourage you to try out these books. Do not think small books are only for children. Anyone can read anything.

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