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Honoring Deaths - GONE Series

There's a few whom all of us would have cried over their death in the Gone series (Only the first 6 books, not the subseries). I have written about the top 8 most sorrowful deaths in it.

1. Brianna Berenson

Killed by Gaia who was using Sam's powers. Her heart was burnt. She was the bravest, most energetic and funny person in the series. The worst part of it was the state in which it left Dekka. I cried so much when she died.

2. Caine Soren

He is probably one of the best examples of bad turned good. He sacrificed himself for a blaze of glory. The person whom it affected most was Diana. Even though she doesn't show it, she must have been so sad. Even in the end, he saved Sam from being arrested by shifting the blame on himself.

3. (Computer) Jack

The worst part is, he was redeeming himself by saving Sam from the chains that Gaia had put on him while Edilio's army accidently shot him in the back. He was kind and funny and never asked for trouble, and his life was harder than it should have been.

4. Orc (Charles Merriman)

The big boy, with a traumatic past didn't have to die. A missile, aimed at the gaiaphage by Caine accidently hit Orc. He was the good guy who was misunderstood. His life was already so sad without him having to die a painful death.

5. Howard

Howard died a painful death in the hands (paws) of coyotes led by Drake. The reason this is sad is because he was one of the few people who actually understood Orc and was kind and fiercely loyal to him.

6. Justin

Killed by Gaia using Sam's power. The reason he comes at 6th place is because he was such an innocent and good child and how bad Roger would have felt at his death.

7. Hunter

The reason his death is sad is because of the painful way it happened. He was burnt by Sam out of mercy when he was being eaten inside out by the huge Bugs. His life in the FAYZ was terrible even before he was banished for an accident.

8. Dahra Baidoo (The doctor)

The fact that makes her death sad is that all she did was help sick people exposing herself to whatever disease the patient had. She was killed when Connie Temple sent her to give a message to Astrid. She was killed by Gaia.

A few other I think also deserve a spot on this list : Cigar, EZ, Duck Zhang, Jamal and Mary Terrafino.

Please note : I'm not saying officially that these are the saddest deaths, it's just my opinion.

Leave your comments on whom you think should have been mentioned in the top 8!

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