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How to Identify a Book Lover

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Ok, everyone has at least one friend who is ADDICTED to story books. We also meet people everyday, and some of them may be avid readers! Here are some tips on how to identify them.

All these are from personal experience. Being an avid reader myself, I am just typing down remarks I hear from my friends.

1) They use good grammar. When someone uses grammar wrongly, they are immediately corrected by the reader. They just cannot stand bad grammar, incorrect use of words, etc.

2) They are very fond of the language they read books in! For example, I absolutely adore English and am doing everything to improve it!

3) The easiest way to identify - check if they have a book with them! Personally, I always carry a book around with me wherever I go!

4) Ask them "what books did you read recently?" or "which is your favorite book?" The answer will almost always be very long as in mentioning all the books, or "I don't really know, I have been reading a lot of books.."

5) They quickly identify and solve language based riddles! They are so used to their language that they can find an amazing set of synonyms, antonyms, etc. Their dictionary is HUGE! Never challenge them in a verbal battle!

6) If they fold the pages instead of using a bookmark (or literally anything else can pass as a bookmark), BEWARE they are not the reading, book loving person you think.

7) They LOVE collecting books in order.

8) Book sales are amazing and they love to buy some! Amazing way to spend money.

9) They treat the books like a living being. Making sure they are not folded, dirtied etc. If you are borrowing a book, please be careful!

10) Their perfect day would be sitting indoors with a book

11) They love writing, just like me! I have written stories, poems, blogs, etc!

12) They take their books very seriously! If a character dies, they cry too! If the character is angry, they are angry too! (I still do)

Hope these help you. I usually feel very proud and happy while reading these kind of blogs/memes about book readers since I can relate and completely agree!

Hope you found it useful!

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