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KOTLC Fanfic for Councillor Terik

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

SO. Prepare yourself. This is HUGE.

What if Terik was Talentless?

Think about it. Terik is a "Descryer" or so he says. There is no way to prove that his talent is real. All he can say is if you have potential or not and how high the potential is. He cannot say anything useful like Keefe's ability to say if the person has an ability or what it is. Imagine someone comes along, asking Terik to descry them. Suppose Terik says that they have high potential. Later, if that person achieves something great, then Terik would be praised, but if the person doesn't do anything, then he would just say, 'you didn't live up to your potential'.

There is no way to check whether his powers are real, while in the case of say, a Gustor, if the person is able to control wind, he has an ability.

I'm not saying Terik is bad, just that he may be lying. He is a great councillor nevertheless, and not to forget, a supporter of Sophie.

Another thing this could lead to, as I said in my previous KOTLC fanfic, is that Terik could lead the final battle and become an important part, since the conclusion of KOTLC is going to mostly show the elvin world be fair to everyone. The Lost Cities have already destroyed most of the judging systems humans have, such as race, gender, etc. But they are not flawless. Their non-inclusion of others on the basis of talent or looking down on 'bad matches' or even the whole matchmaking system is flawed.

The Lost Cities were once viewed as the 'ideal society' but it is actually not. Since Terik is (I think) Talentless, he could understand the problems faced on a deeper level. This could make him take the lead in reshaping the Elvin world, maybe even the entirity of the Lost Cities. He would be an important part in making it an actual 'ideal, perfect society'.

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