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Similar Characters - Snape Edition

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

So. Every series has a character who is misunderstood and is secretly trying to help but comes off the wrong way. Here are some of them - we are basing them off snape because Snape is the iconic guy.

1) Bronte from the Keeper of The Lost Cities - He at first doesn't like Sophie but as the series progresses, he shows how much he cares for her, but all the time holding on to his attitude. I have talked about this in my 'Harry Potter and KOTLC similar charecters'. Click here to check out for more such matches from those two best sellers.

2) Four (Tobias Eaton) from Divergent - From Beatrice's point of view, at first, Four looked like he didn't like her and wanted her to be sent away. Again, they formed an intense connection by the end of the series. Four was also a teacher sort of person to Tris as Snape was to Harry.

3) Parvateshwar from Immortals of Meluha - He at first does not believe in the myth about the Neelkanth and is offish with Shiva but then he realises what a great man Shiva is and ended up being one of his most loyal supporters. (We don't talk about what happened after that)

4) Gally from The Maze Runner - He HATED Thomas and claimed him 'to not be trusted'. He ran away from the Glade due to his hatred for Thomas. He was arrogant, hotheaded and basically has Snape's charecteristics. However, he was ready to sacrifice his life for the Gladers. In the end, he ended up joining a group called the Right Arm to overthrow WICKED and was an immense help.

5) Holika from Narasimha Trilogy - Holika was bad in the beginning, ruthless and cunning, but as she read Prahlad's diary, she realised how she had impacted the boy's life and how much better she could have been. In the end, she sacrificed her life to save Prahlad.

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