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The Best Story - Life

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Enid Blyton has written many different types of books. Adventure, boarding schools, etc. She has written the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Adventure Series, Holiday series as Adventure books, Malory Towers, St. Clare's, Naughtiest Girl as Boarding school books, and also many other books. But the series that puzzled me is the Family series and Circus series.

They are very good and interesting books. In the circus series, it is about a boy named Jimmy who travels with a circus and helps everyone with their pets. He is very good with animals and all the animals trust him. There is not any specifically any proper adventure as in Famous Five, or any adventure book, but as I told, it's interesting. It's just about life.

While we wonder if the adventures the Famous Five have can ever actually happen, the adventures of Jimmy could easily happen to anyone working in a Circus ( I get it that not many of us can now work in a circus and travel in caravans) It not only makes our life expecting, but also makes the book unusual. I mean, how many books have we read which are just simply life?

An even more simply-life book is "Are we there yet?" it's just about life, where a family of 5 live in different places during each holiday. They live in Caravans, in ships, in boats, in Farms, and more. they are short books, just 50 - 60 pages each. There are 6 books here, and these books can entertain anyone.

In the Circus Series, things happen, like run-away elephants, chimpanzees, bears, etc, and missing children, stolen money, and more. But in "Are we there yet?" , there is literally no adventure, but the fact that Life is just as interesting as any fiction is clearly highlighted here. It's so awesome to know that these can actually happen to us, isn't it?

Another series like this is the Family Series. It is just about families who have their ups and downs. These could also happen to anyone.

Enid Blyton, you are awesome. Now, we all know that life is much more interesting than we can imagine. Thanks for your awesome books!

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