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The Chronicles - Love & War P5

Updated: May 20, 2023

The uncle was shocked. This defeated the entire purpose of his trials. He never wanted to battle his son... even when it looked like he did.

He staggered out of the hut, just as the fortune teller yelled behind him. 'You have till tomorrow midnight to accomplish this trial. If not...' He left it unsaid.

The uncle walked in a daze towards the woods. He plopped down under a tree. He couldn't think properly.

He wanted his son to live. He wanted his son to rule.. instead of that wily female he had married. The woman who was more powerful than him, who had defeated him.

There were many reasons why he wanted his son to live. Continuing his lineage was one of them. He wanted his blood to rule the kingdom. Always. Even though the son was adopted, once taken into the royal family, you forget everything about your previous life and become a part of the new family.

So the first reason he wanted his son to rule was because of the lineage thing. But.. there was a part of him that loved his son. The part of him that wanted his son to have the best life he could. He wanted to give his son the best life he could.

Especially after losing his true son.

After a lot of thinking, he made up his mind. He trusted his son. He trusted his son to win. Win against him. It didn't matter if he himself lost, the uncle told himself. It wasn't about him. Him losing would guarantee his son becoming king. Instead of that stupid woman who calls herself queen, he thought.

He got up. Ready to challenge his son to a Duel To Death.

He was at peace with himself. He was going to offer something to his son which no one ever could. Or so he thought.

If only he had known about the new laws created by the queen.

A few hours ago, just as the uncle had left the fortune teller's hut...

A man, who looked like he was in his late thirties entered the hut of the fortune teller. The fortune teller smiled. 'You're here. Finally. How is the plan going?' He asked.

"Oh, we are just getting started...' He said, and grinned wickedly.

To be continued...

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