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The Chronicles - Love & War P6

Updated: May 20, 2023

In the palace...

Me, the queen and the King were in deep discussion. We had finally told the king about the meeting we had eavesdropped. We hadn't seen any more but there was enough evidence. We needed to protect ourselves since the Uncle was bad news. We thought that nothing he did was good. We had to prepare for a battle.

We talked about all our strategies, the Uncle's strategies, etc but mainly about how he managed to get all the other kingdoms on his side. Even our enemy kingdoms. His hunch about aliens had to be false. I mean, it's aliens.

After a couple hours we went to sleep, still no further with our discussion. The next day, we were eating in the main hall of the palace when the doors burst open. A maid ran inside. And collapsed, panting. We ran towards her. The Queen took some water and splashed it on her face. 'What happened?' She asked. Urgency in her voice.

'Your... uncle... back...' She said. Her eyes barely open.

Then she collapsed again.

Just as we looked up towards the open door, a figure stood tall near them. The Uncle.

'Duel to Death, son.' He sneered.

It was evening by the time the duel started. The circle was drawn. Rules were simple. If you forfeit, you are banished from the kingdom. This had been the laws of the kingdom for centuries.

The king and the uncle stood facing each other. 'Begin.' Said the queen. She was worried, her face pale. She didn't know if the man with the bright blue eyes could defeat her uncle. Moreover, she was surprised. Why this sudden duel? What triggered it? She was jerked from her thoughts as the uncle shot purple fire from his hands. The king, who had developed his powers well just raised his hands. A golden dome surrounded him. It pushed back the purple fire, sending it back towards the uncle. The uncle just absorbed it. The fighting went on for a long time. Me and the queen watched with bated breath. I had started to bite my nails. Only god knew what happened if the uncle won and become king.

After a lot of fighting, the uncle was on the ground, the king towering over him. 'Forfeit now!' He yelled, knowing his father wouldn't. But he wanted to give him a chance. He raised hands to end his father.

'I give up.' The uncle said.

The son was stunned. He thought that his father would rather die than give up his ego. The uncle saw his shocked face. 'You are king now.'

The uncle smiled. A genuine smile.

The king furrowed his brows. 'Um.. I have been king for two years..'

The uncle scowled in surprise. 'What? How?'

As they two stared at each other in astonishment, the door to the room opened. A man entered. The man who had followed the uncle. 'Looks like I have to explain things.' He smiled a flashy grin.

To be continued...

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