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Want to be a character?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

I'm sure there must be a time in every book when you stop and think - 'It would be so amazing if I was that person!' I have gone through this and it has kept me thinking. Do we really want to be that person? There is no person in this world whose life is perfect - fictional or non fictional.

I'll give a couple examples. Let's go through some characters whose lives seem amazing!

Jimmy Brown from The Circus Series

Jimmy Brown spent his life in a circus and on a house on wheels. Who wouldn't want to live in a caravan? His life seems perfect - no school, just doing the thing he likes most in the world with a best friend and the best pet. Everyone would love to be him. Only, his life is full of ups and downs. Have we noticed them? His life is so adventurous! I wish I could be him! Give it some thought. You will change your mind. Why? Let's see. Firstly, imagine his worry when his dog, Lucky, was stolen. Then imagine when he realized that his best friend Lotta, ran away because he lost his temper. Then to cap it all, he had to work for a bad circus master who was mean and cruel. Do you still want to be Jimmy?

Another example - Darrel Rivers from Malory Towers

Darrel has had chances to be sports captain, head girl of her form, and the entire school. She's popular and courageous, and has a sister and a best friend. Her life couldn't be better. Or so one would think. Let's go through some of her struggles and worries. In the first form, when she was accused of breaking her friend's pen, she must have felt so bad! Knowing that she hasn't done it, but having no way to prove it. Another example could be in the fourth form, when she had to resign as head girl.

Our last example can be Annie from Lucy and Stephen Hawking's George book series.

She has a carefree life, full of science, which she loves. Her parents are like her friends, and she has a best friend. Moreover, she has a computer which can take her anywhere! Imagine, no travel fare! Is her life perfect? I don't think so. At least now I don't, after giving it some thought. Imagine her worry when she was trapped on a far away planet with an enemy! What would you do if you were stuck on Jupiter's moons? Imagine her worry when she was lost somewhere, but didn't know where!

The point is, after everything, we may just realize that we just want to be ourselves. Whenever the thought comes to you "I wish I were them" just think, do you really?

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