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You Know It's Not Real...!

To all those who cried over the deaths of characters (like me) :

We all have listened to so many songs of Harry Potter. We have cried over people's deaths in Harry Potter. We have written about bad people and good people. We have made quizzes about Hogwarts.

Does it strike anywhere? Harry Potter is completely fictional. That is obvious, but people have forgotten that.

There are so many books, are any of them so widely popular? It shows the wonderful way the author has written it and the spectacular acting skills of the actors.

Harry Potter seems so real to so many of us, but we always say "there's no such thing as magic."

Let's remember that before we cry over deaths. It may be sad to see them die. But we have to move on. Convince yourself. It's not real, we all know that!

The only reason we are sad, is because the book shows how sad the characters are, and the reason it says so is because the author wrote it like that.

I'm not saying that it is wrong to listen to these songs and play these quizzes. I'm just saying before we feel sad over deaths, we need to remind ourselves that it is all completely fictional.

J K Rowling has done a wonderful job writing, it feels so real. People say that when you pick up Harry Potter, it's impossible to put it down unless you have finished it. I thought it was a saying to show how good it is. Little did I realize, it really is impossible. It's practically impossible. Even when you're reading it for the 100th time, and you know exactly what's going to happen, you can't put it down. It's magical! (literally)

What do you think?

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