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Unusual Ending

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

When I finished reading the 6th and final book of Stephen and Lucy Hawking's 'George' book series, I didn't feel very contended. The problem was, the ending was very much different from the endings I was used to. Usually, the end is always happy, and everything is back to normal, but here, that wasn't the case.

Spoiler Alert : In the end, George gets stuck in the future with no way back. And by doing so, missing many of his youth years. I thought that by simply adding a few more pages he could have come back and enjoyed his life. It felt too sudden. And, Lucy Hawking knew it too. As she said in her acknowledgements, 'they have taken us on a wild ride through many different areas of science, and so it's with great sadness that I realize it's time to leave them in the future, and turn a new page myself'.'

I guess that she knew if their mode of transporting was not cut off, their adventures would probably last for their whole lifetime. And, also noticing, Annie loses her trust for Cosmos, the super computer due to a mistake on the computers part, and their friendship was never renewed again. This made me extremely uneasy. But now realizing, Cosmos is the reason they can travel, and without him, their adventures are over. After thinking about it, the story structure is actually very clever.

After asking many for their opinions on the ending, I see that it's not a bad ending, it's simply different. Since I was used to one kind of ending, everything else seemed wrong.

George was happy ruling Eden, and Annie was reunited with Nimu and Hero. The heroes were happy, and no reason why I shouldn't be too.

Thank you Lucy and Stephen Hawking, for giving us this book, which bought science and adventure together and alive. You did a great job!

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