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Artemis Fowl - Good or Great? Character Development

Artemis Fowl is the best book I've read. The character development in specific is better than anything I have ever seen before. Especially since my last post was about how Keeper of the Lost Cities showed little to no character development, Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer was refreshing and energizing.

At first, this book felt a bit kiddish. What Artemis was doing made no sense. Him talking about fairies, pixies and The Book made me feel uninterested reading it, thinking it was a children's book. Not saying I don't read fiction, just that I felt like it was a bit beneath my reading level. I always make myself finish a book I start, and in this case it was the best decision I ever took.

Character development is an extremely important part of any good story. Julius Root, Artemis Fowl, Mulch Diggums and Minerva Paradizo showed such amazing development as people that it made me quite fall in love with them.

Julius Root - At first, Root felt like an obstacle for Holly. But as the story progressed, it was clear that Julius was extremely proud of her and wanted her to succeed. Especially in the sixth book, when Holly talks to Julius via a hologram, we can see just how much Holly meant to him. He felt like she was compassionate, smart, and brave. He always wanted her to succeed, even if it wasn't initially portrayed that way. His death was absolutely the worst part in the series and he quickly became my favourite characterHim dying was unexpected and horrifying. Holly used to think of Root as a threat to her career in the beginning, but seeing how much his death affected her, it is clear that she had a lot of love and respect for him.

Artemis Fowl - He has showed such a lot of development that it quite beats any other. I comprehend that that was the purpose of the narrative, but he underwent a gradual transformation from antagonist to protagonist. His character development was very realistic and believable in the sense that he didn't change overnight like in some books I've read. The transition from being selfish, cold, ruthless, power hungry and arrogant to a boy with friends, family and good intentions is especially visible in book 6 where his current and younger versions meet. The change wasn't easy for him. It was a process of him realising that some people did care for him after all. He started sensing sub consciously that some things he did were wrong.

Mulch Diggums - At the beginning he was a common thief (don't tell him I said that) who worked alone. As the story progressed, he started helping Holly, Artemis and the LEP willingly, showing the power of friendship.

Minerva Paradizo - Even though Minerva appeared only for a very short while in the Lost Colony, I feel like she went from caring only about herself to realising that friends are important. Like Artemis Fowl, her power led to her arrogance. In the end, she redeems herself and it is even mentioned in the Fowl twins that she and Artemis dated for a short while.

Overall, this book is amazing. The character development has awed me and some characters like Mulch, Butler, Artemis, Julius and Holly have endeared themselves to my heart. This book is absolutely worth reading!

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