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GONE - The Sorting! P2

I'm going to be sorting characters of different books and series into Hogwarts houses! In this post, we'll be seeing Sam, Astrid, Edilio, Orc, Howard, Caine, Diana, Brianna, Taylor, Jack, Little Pete, Drake, Lana, Dekka, Dahra, Mary, John, Quinn, Sanjit, Albert, Cigar, Gaia, Bug and Penny.

This is part 2, so check out part 1 first if you haven't!

PS : Please remember that there is no ranking. Just because someone is Slytherin does NOT mean they are bad. Each house has its own qualities. Check out this post to understand further!

Also, sometimes a person may be sorted into more than one house. That's just because it's impossible to put a person into just one category!

Let's start!

9) Taylor - Slytherin and Hufflepuff! She used to be very loyal to Sam, so Hufflepuff, but after being bribed, she joined Caine, so Slytherin too.

10) Jack - Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff! He is called Computer Jack, so abviously he is a Ravenclaw. He also cares about the people he loves, and would do anything for the,, so Hufflepuff.

11) Little Pete - Maybe a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor... but honestly he does not fit into any category. He is seriously even classified as human only by the tiniest margin.

12) Drake - I honestly think that even Voldemort would be scared of him! He wouldn't even be invited to Hogwarts, let alone be sorted.

13) Lana - Gryffindor! She is brave and doesn't hesitate to take down her enemies. She tried to single-handedly take down the Gaiaphage and almost succeeded.

14) Dekka - Gryffindor! She could also be a Hufflepuff, but mostly Gryffindor. She was Sam's right hand, and soon Sam becomes her right hand, not to mention that she was the heroine in the sub series.

15) Dahra - Ravenclaw! She was the Doctor in the Fayz. She may have not been an expert or a professional, but the closest to one. If she was anything, she was a Ravenclaw.

16) Mary - Hufflepuff and Slytherin! I know that they seem very contradicting, but that's how it is. Hufflepuff because she took care of the kids and Slytherin because she was ready to jump off the cliff with many kids just because she was scared to live.

The last 8 characters will be mentioned in the next post!

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