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How the Monkeys Created Meteoroids

As the Sun was chasing the Moon, the monkeys weren't simply watching. They were planning all sorts of revenge against the Sun. Here is one of their plans.

Since the Monkeys took all the colour away from the clouds, the clouds earnt the pity of the Sun. They soon became friends. The monkeys took advantage of that. They had a plan.

One night, when all the animals in the forest were sleeping, the monkeys carried out a raid and stole all the food. The herbivores had nothing to eat. The monkeys confessed to stealing the food the next day and told them that if they wanted the food back, the other animals would have to help them. The animals soon sent their strongest representatives to help. The Camel, Chimpanzees, Apes, Bears, and Hippos were the main ones.

The monkeys told them of the plan. They were going to build a tower to the Clouds and then when they got to the top, they would tear the clouds apart, piece by piece. This would anger the Sun, which would rush to help, thus giving the Moon time to run to safety. The animals didn't like it, but they had to agree.

The Camels stood at the bottom, while the Hippos were on top of them, followed by Bears, Chimpanzees, Apes, and finally the Monkeys. They reached the clouds and the monkeys started damaging it. Just as predicted, the Sun rushed over to help. As it came close, its heat scorched the monkeys, turning their fur brown. The animals closest to the top were also slightly burnt.

That's why bears, chimpanzees, and apes have slightly brown fur now.

The monkeys hurried down and the other animals got their food. But the monkeys weren't happy. The Sun had humiliated them. They had to get revenge. They took big rocks from the ground and started flinging them with all their might at the Sun.

Some of the rocks hit their target. But some did not.

Some hit the moon instead, though the monkeys didn't want them to. This created the craters we see on the moon even today.

Some missed everything and just floated into space, creating rocks in space that we today call Meteoroids, Asteroids, and Comets.

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