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The Chronicles - Love & War P7

Updated: May 20, 2023

The queen's hands were ready to fire as soon as she saw the stranger. 'Woah, calm down!' He said. Mockingly raising his hands over his head. 'Don't you have questions? I have answers.'


We were sitting around the table. The queen still didn't trust the man. He started his story. 'This Duel was a misunderstanding. The king's father wanted his son to rule, though it may not have looked like it. He, not aware of the change in the laws, went to the Fortune Teller. He thought that if he became king, after he dies, his son will be the next ruler. But the laws had already been changed. The son is ruling along with the queen. If only the uncle knew this, this could have been avoided.' The stranger ended.

The queen raised her eyebrows. 'This is so farfetched. He is lying. Why should we believe him? We don't even know him. How did he get inside the palace? How does he know all this?'

The king was staring into his father's eyes. 'It's true. He wanted me to be king.' He said, confused.

After a lot of talking, there was a happy reunion. Even the queen didn't hate her uncle that bad, though there was a slither of doubt still floating inside her. It was nice to see her husband happy that she let it go.

There was one last question she had. 'What about your secret meetings about "aliens"?' She asked. 'That doesn't fit in with any of your stories till now. You haven't even mentioned it!'

The man who explained the story spoke up, interrupting the uncle, not letting him answer. 'You will find out in due time.' He said.

'Who are you to say?' Asked the queen. I nudged her to be a bit more polite. She ignored me. 'You haven't even introduced yourself!' She said.

The man smiled. 'Your questions are valid. But they are for another story.'

The End

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1 Comment

Ramkumar N
Ramkumar N
May 16, 2023

Good story with a suspenseful end. Waiting for the next series!!

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