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Hunger Games - The Sorting!

I'm going to be sorting characters of different books and series into Hogwarts houses! In this post, we'll be seeing Katniss, Peeta, Prim, Gale, Haymitch, Snow, Effie, Cinna, Rue, Caesar and Alma Coin.

PS : Please remember that there is no ranking. Just because someone is Slytherin does NOT mean they are bad. Each house has its own qualities. Check out this post to understand further!

Also, sometimes a person may be sorted into more than one house. That's just because it's impossible to put a person into just one category!

Let's start!

1) Katniss : Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw! Gryffindor for obvious reasons. Hufflepuff since she cared about people she loved like Rue and Prim. Ravenclaw since she knows an awful lot about plants, herbs, knots, etc!

2) Peeta : Gryffindor and Hufflepuff! He cared for everyone, his first instance led to him being named "The Boy with the Bread". He is also one of the bravest characters in the Hunger Games.

3) Prim : Hufflepuff! She is kind and takes care of ill people. She also is brave and goes into the middle of the battle to aid, but that is mostly just because her Hufflepuff self wants to help. She may have a bit of Gryffindor.

4) Gale - He is nothing, a muggle. Maybe a little Slytherin or Ravenclaw.. maybe a teeny bit of Gryffindor.

5) Haymitch - Ravenclaw! He knows a lot, understands people well. He won the Hunger Games mostly because of his wit, not because of his bravery or strength, not saying he doesn't have them.

6) Snow - Slytherin, no questions!

7) Effie - Hufflepuff! She can be annoying, not very witty, but... well she's a Hufflepuff or nothing, so...

8) Cinna - Gryffindor! He is one of the bravest people I have seen, risking everything to help Katniss.

9) Alma Coin - Slytherin! Obviously.

Which series should I do next?

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Ramkumar N
Ramkumar N
Jun 06, 2023

How about the famous five characters?

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