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What is it to be a Twin?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Do you have a sibling? Or better, do you have a twin? Speaking of twins, have you read 'ST.CLARE'S' by Enid Blyton?

Here, in the adventures of the boarding school, Patricia and Isabel O'Sullivan are the heroines. By the title, you would have guessed, that they are twins. Enid Blyton is an author with an incredible skill of bringing the characters and scenes to life - or so it would seem to the reader.

Even though twins, they are not exactly the same. Besides both being honest, clever, kind and brave, and also stunningly alike to look at, they have their differences. Isabel, being more kinder, calmer, even tempered and considerate, steadies Patricia ( known as 'Pat' in the book) and helps her to hold on to her temper. Pat, being more straightforward and fearless than Isabel, helps her across some awkward times.

Their body languages maybe different, but their hearts think alike. Both showed their extreme loyalty to each other when in the eighth book, when a girl name Carlotta suggested to them, that either of the twins could be head girl the following term, Pat replied, 'I hope not. I'd hate to be something Isabel wasn't. She would hate it too. Otherwise, we'd either of us love it. It's the thing I'd like best in the world at the moment. I love St. Clare's and I'm proud of belonging to it. If I could do something for it, I would. But I don't want to do something that I can't share with Isabel' Isabel agreed to this by saying, 'I feel the same about that. But if we did have the honor of being asked, either of us to be head girl, we'd say no.'

One thing I hate more than anything is when someone speaks for me, when I can easily do so myself. Patricia spoke on behalf of her twin, and Isabel did so too. Both of them were so confident that they were thinking the same thing, that they did not even worry if the other would feel sore at them, for possibly telling something the other didn't mean. This shows the way their brains and hearts think alike, and the strong bond that almost enables them to read each other's minds. How cool is that?

It takes more than a silly quarrel to separate twins, or even sisters (as seen in book 6) A twin or sibling is an amazing person to have in one's life. If not, a friend would do nicely too.

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