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Maze Runner : Honoring the Dead

Updated: May 17, 2023

Here are the top 5 saddest deaths in Maze Runner by James Dashner. These are just my opinions and doesn't mean anything.

PS : There are spoilers. This is also only from the books and not from the movies.

If you like this sort of thing, here are the other deaths I have written about :

Before beginning, I would just like to say that I honestly don't know why some here had to die. What was the point in killing Newt or Teresa or even Alby? I don't think the story would have changed much even if they had lived. Anyway...

1. Newt : He was definitely my most favorite character in the entire series. He was always calm and reassuring. He was kinder than most of the others in the Glade but was a good leader too. He was a great fighter and he trusted in friendship. The horrible way in which he died (scared of going insane because the the Flare) was so sad and the main reason for why he is in number 1 in the list.

Also, why did he have to die? Why did he have to get the Flare?

2. Alby : I loved Alby from the minute I read about him. His suspicion towards Thomas is justified. He was harsh and always had a scowl on his face but also cared for the Gladers and their safety. He sacrificed himself (for no apparent reason but the fact that he was scared of the outer world) in the book. He comes second on the list because he was an amazing person. Can someone tell me the point of his death?

3. Chuck : He didn't come a lot in the books but what he did while he was there matters a lot. Thomas' promise of reuniting him with hi family remained broken. There are three main reasons Chuck comes third on the list. One, the way he died protecting Thomas and sacrificing himself. Two, the effect it had on his friends, especially Thomas. Third and most important, his life in the Glade wasn't great. He had one of the worst jobs and was quite young too. He didn't deserve to die.

4. Teresa : The reason she comes so far down in the list is that I don't like her. She is a good person and everything, and did everything for Thomas' good, but she could have avoided some things, like bruising Thomas while he was in the sack in The Scorch Trials. In the end, her last words "Me too... I only ever... cared for" bought tears to my eyes. She didn't really have to die. It just makes everything sadder than it needs to be.

5. Ben : He didn't come a lot in the books but him trying to kill Thomas was because of the after effects of The Changing. He got some memories that proved that Thomas helped create the Maze. Being exiled into the Maze is just a horrible way to die. He was a young boy too. He didn't have to die either.

There weren't a lot of deaths in Maze Runner, at least not as much as in other books. I honestly think that some of the above need not have died. Let me know your opinions!

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