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Share the Characters' Feelings!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

There are some authors, when they write, we feel like we are actually in the book, sharing the characters' ups and downs. I'll be sharing about some of them.

St Clare's : Book 8 and 9 1. In book 8, I felt the thrill when the twins were made head girls. I felt just as grand as the twins did. It was a wonderful feeling.

2. Then in book 9, when Hilda and Katie come to the twins for advice against Priscilla, the twins give excellent advice. When they come out, Hilda said, "Aren't they great? More or less giving us permission to trick Priscilla, and telling us how to go about it." To that, Katie replied, "There are bad head girls and there are good head girls. And then there are the O'Sullivan twins. They are in a league of their own!" I don't know why, but I just had to keep reading these parts over and over again! I was just so proud of the twins, one of the effects of feeling like I actually grew up with them. I didn't really, but I told you, some authors have their way of writing.

3. Malory Towers : Book 11 When June doesn't pick Daffy in one of the school teams, Daffy is sad but is determined not to show it. But later in the book, since many of the girls fell ill, June comes to Daffy and tells her that she is in the team. For some reason, I absolutely loved it and kept reading that same line a million times, trying to find out what was special in that line that made it so.... amazing!

4. Harry Potter : Deathly Hallows When Narcissa and Malfoy turned good, I just felt so happy. They were never really bad, Malfoy couldn't kill Dumbledore because only the worst of the worst find it possible to do that. (This is not included for Severus Snape - he was a great man) It wasn't mentioned anywhere that they turned good, but it hung in the air unsaid.

5. House at the Corner When Tony, in a moment of fright, threw the bottle from the window, it hit unfortunate Tom. His father demanded that Tony be expelled, threatening that otherwise he would file a law suit against the school. But later on in the end of the book, Mr. Walters found out that Tony was not that bad an influence as he thought, and agreed for him to come back to school. I was so happy, like I can't express it! Anyway that's all. Comment where you felt this thrill going down your spine!

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