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The Chronicles - Love & War P2

Updated: May 20, 2023

2 years ago...

Two people were fighting. A man and a woman. The man looked old. Maybe in his 50s or 60s. The woman looked significantly younger. Hardly in her 30s.

They were in a circle. There was a man watching intently outside the circle. He had bright blue eyes. There was also a tuft of grass. A very important tuft of grass. It could save someone's life.

There was a moment when the man, who was also the woman's uncle, was on the ground. Just as the woman smiled in triumph, the uncle sent a ray of purple fire and burnt the tuft of grass. As the woman turned in distress, she missed something. In the split second she turned her attention away, she missed it. She didn't notice something important.

She didn't notice a vapour of smoke leaving her uncle's body.

She didn't notice a part of his soul escaping to safety.

She burnt her uncle.

He was burnt to ashes. But not dead.

She was still able to save a life, even without the tuft of grass. She was made queen of the kingdom. She thought everything was alright.

Only it wasn't.

A few days after becoming queen, she started creating new laws. Some weren't interesting, like increasing the budget for the local school, or improving the roads.

But some laws were exciting.

One law stated that there could be two rulers (who are a couple) ruling with equal capabilities. Another law was that the present ruler could hand over the throne to anyone he or she thinks is worthy. Something that wasn't possible before. For the long time that the kingdom had existed, to become the ruler, you had to pass the 3 Trials.

Not many new of the new change in the law.

If only they did.

If only they did, a lot of trouble could have been avoided.

To be continued...

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