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The Chronicles - Love & War P3

Updated: May 20, 2023

Present day...

I got startled looking at the red eyes. They seemed to glow brighter and brighter. I knew the stories about the fight and everything that happened since the queen told me everything. Sometimes I marvel at our friendship. She's double my age and our bond now is unbelievable.

I am shaken out of my day dream by the queen who is poking my arm and indicating me to follow her. We move a bit closer to the group of kings and queens of neighbouring kingdoms who are listening to something that my friend's uncle is saying. We are close enough to hear them now.

'We are nowhere near solving our problem, but I have a new idea that may help. Please come into my chambers and we can discuss it in privacy.' The uncle said, ushering the rulers into the back door of the castle. The Queen's castle.

The uncle's chambers were large. He did use to be king. The Queen's wing is in the other end of the castle. This side was left deserted as it was her uncle's. We expected it to be dusty, full of cobwebs, as it hasn't been touched for two years, but it was clean, with not a speck of dust. The uncle motioned them all to sit. There was a rectangular table. As they took their places, I noticed that the uncle is at the head of the table. Typical.

'So,' started the uncle. 'So, you know why we are here. For those who are new, I'll recap. We have a hunch that some sort of celestial beings are planning to attack us. We need to protect ourselves. We are here to see how we can do that.' A very elegant looking queen spoke up. She was new. 'Why should we believe you? Where is the proof?' The uncle smiled. 'I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you how I know. It is up to you to leave, but wouldn't you rather be prepared just in case?' The other rulers nodded in assent, rather doubtful.

They started their conversation, talking from missiles and explosives to magical potions and spells. The meeting went on for a couple hours. I lost interest and stopped listening. Instead my brain was working furiously. Aliens? Why would they attack us? Why should we believe the uncle?

It was apparent that the queen was also thinking along the same lines as me. 'Aliens, hah! Couldn't think of anything better!' She exclaimed to me after we came back to her chambers. 'I don't believe him.' She said. 'We'll get to the bottom of this.'

To be continued...

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