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Why Jack Became Responsible!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Once, in a land far away, there was a small boy named Jack. He was 12 years old and very irresponsible and lazy. ‘Go and clean up your toys.’ Someone would tell him. ‘Ok I will.’ He would reply. But all the toys would still lie on the ground. Someone would tell him to make his bed, again with the same results. His mother tried to make him understand but he never listened.

His mother was very unhappy with his behavior. She thought of an idea to make him responsible and active. She called Jack’s friend Michael to their house one day. Michael was two years younger than Jack. Jack’s mother went to Jack, and said ‘I have invited Michael over for you to play with. So, start planning what you are going to do after he comes. Don’t forget to clean up your toys before he comes.’ ‘Ok mom’ said Jack, surprised at the sudden arrival of his friend.

Jack soon forgot to clean up, and started playing with his toys. When his mother saw this, she started on her plans. She said, ‘So, you have not cleaned up. Michael will be here in a moment, and you know how much he likes your toys. You will have to give some to him if he throws a tantrum. He is a child after all.’

Jack did not want to give away his toys. So, he cleaned everything quickly. ‘Anything is better than giving my toys away.’ Thought Jack.

In two minutes, Michael arrived. He and Jack spent a happy two hours playing out door hide-and-seek. Then, Jack’s mother called them in for a small snack. She said, ‘You can come in and take your lunch out as a picnic. Come in and get it.’

Jack continued playing. His mother called out again. ‘Michael, you come and get it, dear. Jack won’t.’ so Michael went into the kitchen to get it.

Jack’s mother came out and told Jack. ‘Michael is getting your lunch, Jack. You know how clumsy he is. I made your favorite pudding. Now Michael is going to spill it. What can we do if it spills?’ saying so, she left.

Jack loved pudding. He really wanted it. So, in order to save it, he went inside and got the plate from Michael and bought it out himself. His mother smiled at seeing this. Her plan had worked.

After Michael left, she advised Jack. ‘Doing things yourself is the only way you will feel satisfied with anything you do. So, today, you cleaned up your toys to protect it from Michael. You got up and got your lunch on your own to get your favorite meal.’

Jack understood and was never lazy again.

By Akshara

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