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You've to Get Out!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Before you start : Don't be mad at anything below. Read till the end or you will be angry with me.

Quite a few series' of Enid Blyton were continued by other authors after her death on November 28th 1968 (RIP) . A couple of them are Malory Towers and The Naughtiest Girl. The last 6 books in each of them were continued by Pamela Cox and Anne Digby respectively.

A few months ago, I read only Enid Blyton, Amar Chitra Katha and a few other authors. I would NOT read any other author/company 's books. Only when I finished the Malory Towers and Naughtiest girl series, I realized that they were not even completely written by Enid Blyton.

I used to think that Enid Blyton was the only awesome author, and no other could beat her stories. She was a really really good author, but I soon ran out of books to read - after about two years

I loved Enid Blyton's books because of the wide range of themes and the twists and thrills. As awesome these were, I could always point out the upcoming thrill. After I read Pamela Cox's continuation, I found another favorite author.

Her books gave out such a lot of surprises - which, is a very good thing to have in a story book.

Spoiler Alert : For example, in the 9th Malory Towers book, (Winter Term) there was a sneak among all the girls who told a particularly nasty teacher, Miss Tallant, every secret found in their form. Later, the girls find out that Miss Tallant has a niece in their form. So they all firmly believed that the niece was the sneak and tried to find out who the sneak-niece was. In the end, they found out who the niece was, but, it turned out, that the niece and sneak were not the same person.

The book was written in such a way the reader too, is firmly convinced that both the niece and the sneak were the same. Wasn't I surprised when I read it!

The point is, it's OK to have a favorite author, but, we need to try out new authors to get more.

PS ; Its 2022 November now. I would like to say that Enid Blyton is no longer my favorite author and I started to like a lot of new authors, and read a whole lot of new books. After I read other author's books I realized that Enid Blyton's books conveyed some bad messages about gender, race and colour, but I'm not blaming her. She lived a long time ago when the world was like that. What I'm trying to say is that I almost completely stopped reading Enid Blyton because there are so many other amazing authors out there too.

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