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Best Couples - Keeper of The Lost Cities

Sooo we have all been hoping for some couples to make it through the series. The 10th and final book in the series is coming out in November 2023 (hopefully) and we will have to say goodbye to our favorite characters. We all hope to see them happily living a married life with their perfect partners - these are my best ships... let's see if it matches with yours!

1) Sophie and the one and only Keefe Sencen. (I'm so excited to see it move further!!) It cannot be Fitz or Dex or anyone else. IT HAS GOT TO BE KEEFE. They are perfect and cute together and balance each other out and it just cannot be anyone else. Team Foster-Keefe forever! Things have been going fine (with Sophie and Keefe) since Stellarlune and it has to stay that way.

2) Fitz and Linh - Fitz has to get over Sophie. Fitz has always looked at Linh in a different way and is awed by her ability. There is a 99% chance that Fitz and Linh end up together, and I think they will. Fitz can't go with Biana (eww), Sophie (obviously) or Glimmer (Fitz doesn't trust Glimmer fully). Marella, Maruca and Stina are just... not it. Since everyone HAS to be tied up by the end of the series, Fitz's best match is Linh.

3) Dex/Tam and Biana - I think Biana has gotten over Keefe, and Dex (I'm not happy about his reduced appearences nowadays btw) has really got a chance. I feel Biana and Dex are working together a bit more, and they will be an okayish match. I get that most of you ship Dex and Marella but... they don't connect as much. On the other hand, Tam and Biana would make an extremely stylish, aesthetic couple. They would look amazing together!

4) Sandor and Grizel - They don't have any complication and they truly care for each other. There is no doubt about them. Come on, we all love the adorable (and powerful and clever and strong) goblin couple!

5) Bo and Ro - Technically they aren't a 'couple' as they are already married, but it would be awesome to see them actually liking each other and fulfilling the 'Ballad of Bo and Ro' (Keefe would be so smug and like 'I told you so!')

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