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Harry Potter - Differences - Book & Movie (P2)

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

There are many differences between the Book and Movie. I'll be mentioning the major differences. This is part two, featuring the second book/movie of Harry Potter - The Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

1. In the book, the story begins with Harry's birthday. In the Movie, it begins with Harry on the day the Masons' visit.

2. In the movie, Ron, while rescuing Harry wishes him a happy birthday. But in the book, the rescuing happened the day after the Masons' visit, so Harry's birthday was over.

3. In the book, Harry's trunk is locked up and Fred and George enter the house and pick the lock. However, in the movie, this fun part was omitted.

4. In the movie, Hermione doesn't find it hard to speak out Voldemort's name. She also chided Lucius Malfoy for not using it. In the book, Hermione never uses that name until the 6th novel.

5. In the book, Harry and Ron get to Hogwarts on the flying car almost without any trouble. This cannot be said for the movie. Here, they almost get hit by a train, Harry half-fell out of the car, and both of them got hit by a tree.

6. In the book, Hermione and Harry don't know the meaning of "Mudblood", but in the movie, Hermione knows and is very hurt.

7. In the book, the quidditch match takes place on a sunny day. In the movie, most of it is rainy.

8. When they drink the Polyjuice potion, in the book, their voices also change. But in the movie, they have their own voices.

9. In the book, Professor Binns explains about the Chamber of secrets, but in the movie, it is Professor McGonagall who does so.

10. In the book, Ginny showed no distress for what she was doing (not her fault, she didn't know) but in the movie, she looked uneasy when McGonagall said the school may close.

11. In the book, when following spiders, Ron is brave. In the movie, he's scared stiff.

12. In the movie, when they were inside the Chamber, Ron takes a rock and knocks Lockhart unconscious. This is not there in the book.

13. In the movie, the part where Gryffindor won the house cup was cut.

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