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The Chronicles - High Fever P1

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

I was in a cruise.

We were going to some woods for our family vacation. I was there. My mother. My 7 year old brother.

The cruise was dark. It was almost night. I did not enjoy it. My brother was having a high temperature. Probably fever.

127 degrees.

But that isn't humanly possible.

My mother was worried. Rightfully so.

We went to find the 'help' room. Me, my mom and my brother. We wanted some paracetamol for the high fever. When we knocked, a lady opened the door. Her clothes looked like that of an air hostess. She looked weirdly calm. I had a feeling something was going to go wrong.

We asked for the medicine. The lady let us inside. The inside almost looked like the inside of a plane. People were sitting on both sides in seats of 2, leaving a path in the middle to walk. The lady handed me my brother. He couldn't walk. I carried him. There were only 10 to 20 people in the room. I sat next to another woman, probably in her early 20s. My brother on my lap. The lady who looked like an air hostess stared at me. "Give your brother to your mother" She said. My mother sat on the opposite side, a few rows behind.

I got up, I lifted my burning hot brother and handed him over to my mother.

When my brother was with my mother, a chill crept up on me. My brother was on my mothers lap. But also still on my seat. I stared for a few seconds. Fear started creeping up. This wasn't possible. I must be hallucinating, The lady was still looking at me. I tried telling her that there was a clone of my brother here. Words got stuck in my mouth. She talked. "Hand him over too." I didn't have the courage to argue. With shaking hands, I handed him too over to my mother. Looked down, another clone. Handed him over too. Looked down. Another one.

Strangely, this clone wasn't burning hot. He didn't look as though he had high fever. I stared. Too scared to touch. I tried to ease my breathing. Finally, when I was somewhat back to normal, a bone chilling sense crept into me. There was a cold sensation in my hip. Someone was holding me. I was certain it had been there since the beginning.

I followed the hand. With everything that happened, I didn't notice it.

It led to the woman next to me.

She was just sitting, reading a book.

She turned towards me, her face creepily calm.

I half screamed.

Realization dawned.

"You did this!" I half-yelled.

Will be continued...

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