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The Chronicles - High Fever P2

Updated: May 20, 2023

If you haven't read part 1, there you go : High Fever - P1

Elsewhere, years ago.

She was hiding, crouching under fallen debris. A girl of just 14, entering her teens just a year ago. Everyone was looking for her. Not out of worry. Out of mean rage. A few years ago, she had her fortune predicted by an old man, who was respected far and wide as a very talented fortune teller. She had been told that she was going to be a powerful witch, ruling the kingdom. Everyone would love her as a wonderful leader. She would destroy evil from her part of the world.

Many were jealous. A girl younger than them was more powerful.

With jealousy comes hatred.

Ever since the prediction, she had lived a life of misery. People who were in the family of the current king had a chance at the throne after his death, whatever their age. It was simple. The most powerful witch or wizard would be chosen. By a set of tasks. By being predicted queen, everyone had come to the same conclusion, she must die. She was the youngest among all who competed for the throne. Everyone else were in their 20s. With the death of her father, all her cousins and siblings tried to kill her. So did her uncles and aunts. She had been hiding there for over a day, with no food or water.

She was scared. Tears poured down her eyes. She didn't know what to do. She was devastated at her father's death, but couldn't let that distract her. She needed her wits about her. Powers develop only at the age of 18. While everyone else were fully developed magicians, she hadn't shown the slightest trace of magic, she was just 14. Making her vulnerable, causing her to hide instead of facing them head on. A wise decision.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Someone had found her, she could hear footsteps slowly coming towards her. She shrunk back, going completely behind a fallen boulder. Trying to conceal herself.

But it was of no use. The person outside tried to move the boulder. But he was too weak. Instead, he poked his head behind it, scaring the girl terribly. The girl scratched the man's face with her nails in terror, yelling. The man yelled curses in pain. "Stop! stop! I have come to help! God, you have sharp nails!" The girl stopped, hearing a familiar voice. Not being as scared as she was. She slowly came out.

Both of them stood facing each other. The girl recognized the man as one of her cousins. Two things that you wouldn't forget when you see him were his stunning blue eyes and a laughing mouth. He was adopted by one of her uncles. With the right potions, he was also promised to be made a magician. He had turned 18 the previous year. His powers were weak and wouldn't work properly. He couldn't control it. 'Weak", everyone called him. They took him as a joke. No one considered him as even a threat to their throne.

He was the one person in the girl's family other than her father who didn't hate her. He should have, seeing he didn't have any powers and the girl would be having a lot. But one thing about living in an orphanage for a long time, you appreciate what is given. He was happy with the lifestyle he had been given, in the palace. He didn't want to be king. He was made a magician artificially, so maybe that's why he didn't get good powers, everyone assumed. He and the girl were good friends.

"Lets go, quick!" He whispered. The girl didn't hesitate. She took his hand. The man lead her outside through a secret passage, made her sit on a horse and bid farewell. Just before leaving, he gave her a basket of food and water, and a necklace, with a single emerald stone, in the shape of a drop hanging from it. "To remember me by. Wear it, please." He said, tears flowing. They had grown quite close. The girl wore it.

"I'll always remember you. I'll destroy everyone else. I'll be back. I will rule. I will make this kingdom a better place. Stay strong, I'll come back for you."

She turned and rode away, her necklace shining on her neck. She held it. It gave her support. "I'll be back."

To be continued...

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Ramkumar N
Ramkumar N
08 nov. 2022

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