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The Chronicles - High Fever P6

Updated: May 20, 2023

If you haven't read part 1, there you go : High Fever - P1

Near the campsite

The woman raced past the small cottages where those on vacation stayed. She could hear loud wailing from one of the huts. She knew who it was. Or were. It was a small boy and his clones. Clones she had helped create. She tried to shake off her conscience. It was nagging at her. She knew at one corner of her mind that what she was doing was wrong. Those two men were so old they were going to die soon anyway. The small boy on the other hand, would have had a long life to life. If. If she hadn't taken the herb which was the boy's last hope.

She turned when she heard a noise behind her. I stood there, my face tear streaked. "Why did you do that? I believed you. I trusted you." I said.

I hadn't completely lost my hope yet. I had one last idea. If only it worked. If only it did. "How much herb is there in that tuft?" I asked. She looked surprised and ready to take off. She stood ground though. "Enough for one person. There could be a bit left. Not enough for two people. It is enough only for a creature with a very small soul. Anyway, I will not give the herb up. I need it." She turned to leave when I suddenly blurted out. "If the one soul of my brother is in four pieces, does that mean that it needs less medicine? What if that small remaining portion is enough?" She nodded no. "That's not how it works. Even if the soul is small, four souls together makes a full soul. It won't be enough. I'm leaving. I'm sorry I can't help you, but this helps me become queen. With that, I can help thousands of people."

She walked ahead.

She turned back one last time.

"I am sorry, you know."

And she disappeared.

She walked around for quite a while, taking detours. Thinking about what she had done. She made up her mind,

The woman reached a hut, with the tuft of grass in her hand. "I got the herb... But..." she faltered. "But what?" the old man there asked. He was the guy who predicted the woman's future. "I just can't. The needs of that boy and girl are more important. They need the herb." she said. The old man smiled. "I knew you wouldn't do it." The woman pleadingly asked, "Isn't there anything else I can do? It is just that those two men are near dying of old age anyway, and-" "Let me stop you there. I wasn't done. I knew you wouldn't do it. You are one of the most just people I have seen. You proved yourself once again. You put people in need over your own desires to be queen."

The woman's eyes widened. "That means..."

"Yes." The man smiled. "You are worthy of the throne. You can dethrone your uncle, who is currently king. You can become the queen."

"The woman gasped. "That's amazing, but I need to first give the herbs to that boy. I'll be back." The man held her hand. "That can wait for a couple more days. Right now, there is something you need to do. Go to the palace."

The woman didn't hesitate.

She turned and ran.

In the palace...

"You have to decide! Now!" The king yelled, standing in the middle of the royal hall. He was tall and regal. One thing that made him stand out was his bright red eyes. "If you don't find a bride by the end of today, I'm marrying you off to the Prime minister's daughter." he said. "But dad, I don't like any of them! They will never compare to... her. She'll come back. She promised." The boy with blue eyes replied. His laughing mouth no longer laughing. "To hell with that girl. She doesn't belong here. She shouldn't be here. She will never come back. You need to marry now. Having no powers, you need to be glad someone can take care of you! That girl is never coming back. I'll make sure of it. If she does... well... that'll be a problem. She hasn't been spotted for over a decade. She probably already died."

"No she wouldn't ha-" started the boy, but before he could finish, the huge palace doors banged open.

A woman stood tall.

"You." Snarled the king.

"Yes, me." Said the woman with the emerald necklace. "I have come to take back what is mine. I declare a duel."

The king, also the uncle of the woman. showed a tinge of worry. But he soon wiped it off.

"It's on."

To be continued...

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