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The Chronicles - High Fever P7

Updated: May 20, 2023

If you haven't read part 1, there you go : High Fever - P1

The two faced each other. The man nearly in his sixties and the woman not yet in her thirties. Both with their hands extended forward. They were inside a circle. First one out loses. Only the boy with the blue eyes was there. "I know you can do this." He said. The woman smiled. "I know. And I will. For you."

Both the woman and the man blasted something that looked like dark purple fire from their hands. They both pushed on with all their might, but the woman was slowly but clearly winning. The prediction was coming alive. She looked at the boy, now a man, at his clear blue eyes. Then her gaze shifted to the tuft of grass. She pushed back with renewed vigor till her uncle was on the ground. "Guess I'm the queen." Said the woman triumphantly. The uncle, panting, smiled cruelly. "But at what cost?" He raised his hands and sent a beam of fire onto the tuft of grass that could have saved a life. The woman's eyes widened. "NOOO!" She yelled. Shooting fire from her hands, she instantly killed her uncle in rage. She ran out of the circle, seeing if there was any possible way to salvage the herb. It was ashes now. It couldn't possibly be used. She shed tears. "I failed. I became the queen, but at what cost? At what cost?"

The blue eyed man sat near her. "I always knew you would be back. Now, mind telling me why those herbs were so important?" The woman looked up. She told him the story from the beginning. Not letting out anything. The boy listened quietly. When she was done, he smiled a small smile. "Actually, I think I can help. Come on, show me the way to the girl and her brother."

The woman looked up, puzzled, but led the way. They soon reached the group of cottages. They knocked at my door. The wailing was louder than ever now, the clones were turning a light grey. Even I knew that wasn't good. I almost didn't open the door, but something told me I should. I opened and I saw the woman. With a man. He had stunningly blue eyes. The woman smiled. "I lost the herbs, but all hope may not be lost yet. May I come in?" I moved aside to let them both in, hoping for a miracle. The man walked directly towards the four clones. One by one, he touched each of them over their heart. Over and over again. After a couple of minutes, you could slowly see three of the clones gradually merging into the fourth. He looked up. "He'll live now. No need to worry. Turns out, I did have powers, though they showed up later than they should have. Not even the best potions can be perfect. I can't shoot out fire or kill, but I can heal almost everything."

The woman smiled. "Something that suits you."

It was smooth sailing after that. My brother was well again, and I couldn't stop thanking the man. "Now what? I asked the woman. "Now," she replied, "you come with me."


"I hereby declare you the queen of our kingdom. May you live a long life and rule our country justly and fairly. Long live our queen!" The old fortune teller yelled, placing the ancient crown on the woman's head.

Everybody cheered and clapped loudly.

But no one louder than me, my brother, my mother and the blue eyed man, now a husband.

The End.

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1 Comment

Ramkumar N
Ramkumar N
Dec 13, 2022

Brilliant! Loved every episode. Each of them had a twist which kept the suspense alive.

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