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The Chronicles - Love & War P1

Updated: May 20, 2023

PS : Read the seven parts of The Chronicles - High Fever first before reading this if you haven't already since this is a continuation.

We were still in contact. Me and the woman who helped save my brother's life. She was the queen now. It had been around two years since the battle between her and her uncle. She won and became queen. Me, my mother and my brother decided to stay in her kingdom because she had become a really close friend and the village was a nice place to be. Everyone was friendly and there were seldom any wars. Little did we know that our peace was going to be rudely shattered.

It all started when me and the queen were walking through the open fields of her kingdom. We did that everyday. I went to school here (not the normal kind.. I learn how to make potions and medicines) and my best friend aka the QUEEN who was double my age (but looked just as young) had leading-the-kingdom duties during the day. We spent time together in the night, often just gazing at the sky.

One day, we saw a ray of smoke in the sky. It looked like a jet. All our food comes from neighbouring places in jets once a month so we didn't think much of it. It flew high above us and was no longer visible when it went behind the huge castle. We saw it again the next day. And the day after. And for the next two days. The queen started to get worried. She said that we ought to investigate. I agreed. As nice as it was, my life here was getting kind of dull and I wanted some action.

The next evening, around the time when the jet was seen during the previous days, me and my friend stayed near the castle where the jets had disappeared before. It was dim lighting but we soon spotted a jet coming over. We quickly hid. By 'hid' I mean the queen turned us invisible.

We saw the jet land in a clearing at the back of the castle.

Some people got off. I didn't recognize them but the queen did. She said that they were the kings and queens of neighbouring kingdoms. Some of them were even our rivals. "That's weird." she muttered. "They weren't invited by me. Who called them? And why hasn't our defences warned us yet? Who did they come to see?"

We were just about to turn visible and ask them when we heard a voice behind us. "Welcome to another night here! Let's go to my chambers and we can continue our discussion. I think it is time our foreign policies change. We are all in danger. We need to come together in a time like this." We turned around to see whose voice it was.

We couldn't see the person properly.

But the queen recognized the eyes.

The unmistakable bright red glowing eyes.

The eyes of her uncle.

Who should have been dead.

Who would do anything to kill the queen and take the throne.

To be continued...

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