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GONE - The Sorting! P3

I'm going to be sorting characters of different books and series into Hogwarts houses! In this post, we'll be seeing Sam, Astrid, Edilio, Orc, Howard, Caine, Diana, Brianna, Taylor, Jack, Little Pete, Drake, Lana, Dekka, Dahra, Mary, John, Quinn, Sanjit, Albert, Cigar, Gaia, Bug and Penny.

This is part 3, so check out parts 1 and 2 first.

PS : Please remember that there is no ranking. Just because someone is Slytherin does NOT mean they are bad. Each house has its own qualities. Check out this post to understand further!

Also, sometimes a person may be sorted into more than one house. That's just because it's impossible to put a person into just one category!

Let's start!

17) John - Gryffindor and Hufflepuff! He has been incredibly brave, coping with her sister too, and he also helps take care of the kids and knows how to handle them, even thiugh he doesn't get any personal benefits.

18) Quinn - Slytherin! He proved over that he is ready to betray his friends if it will keep him safe. He could be a Hufflepuff, but only later in the series.

19) Sanjit - Gryffindor and Hufflepuff! He has been very brave and stuck with the people he loves. He was there for Lana even when she didn't want him.

20) Albert - Slytherin! He is always looking out only for his best interests. He could be a Ravenclaw too, but Ravenclaws are people who always look to improve their knowledge, and Albert was just pushing through with his pre-existing knowledge in business.

21) Cigar - Hufflepuff! (RIP) Till the end, he was a loyalist and overall a very decent person, and he didn't have to suffer and die the way he did.

22) Gaia - Umm... Slytherin, no question.

23) Bug - Slytherin! Again, in the end all he cared for was his own life.

24) Penny - She is another won't-even-get-invited-into-Hogwarts case.

Which series should I do next?

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