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Top Books for Beginners

If you haven't already started reading, here are some great books to get started. By reading these, you may ignite your inner love for reading. The books have been divided into age groups. If you already are an avid reader, you may have read these books already at a younger age!

These books can be read by either gender, not that there is any book that is for only a particular gender.

6-7 years

Tinkle - Tinkle is a collection of short stories, available in magazines, digests, double digest, etc. There was a previous blog focusing only on Tinkle. Click here to view it. Tinkle's stories are always in comic form. They have all genres. Some series of Tinkle have expanded so much that they have grown into separate series like Suppandi, Tantri the Mantri, etc. Tinkle is what ignited my love for reading and brought me where I am today.

Magic Pot - Magic Pot is actually for complete beginners, those who have just started to read. It has extremely short stories, some in comic form. They provide visual exercises, quick crafts, colouring and handwriting practice.

7-10 years

Geronimo Stilton - You probably already know about this. It is about a mouse and his adventures in life along with his friends and family. These are approximately 150 pages long each and there are countless books in the series. The words are in different fonts and in different colours which makes it appealing to read, especially for kids.

Magic Tree House - It's about siblings who find a tree house full of books in the middle of the woods. Each book when opened leads them to a different adventure. Each book is basically around 150-200 pages.

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - These books are a smaller, kid friendlier version of the Nancy Drew series. There is also a separate blog post about this. Click here to view that. Here, three friends, Nancy, Bess and George solve neighbourhood mysteries and help others.


George Series - This is a sci-fi series of 6 books where two friends, a boy and a girl, around 11 years travel around the galaxy with the help of a magical computer that can transport them anywhere, inside and outside Earth. A blog related to the George Series : Click here. This will especially be loved by kids who like science and humour. There are a lot of fun facts in the book too.

Harry Potter - Books 1-4. More than half the world will know about this best-selling series of 7 books by JK Rowling. This is probably read in the 8-10 year age group, but for complete beginners, this is where I place it. The magical wizarding world can make anyone a bookworm.

Enid Blyton's books - You may know that Enid Blyton's books have aroused a lot of conflict about her problematic views on gender, country, etc. I feel like these are still good books, but they should only be read when the reader knows good from bad and will not learn some of the improper content in the books. If the reader is too young, they may think that this understanding of gender, country, race, etc is right. Some books of Enid Blyton's you could read are Famous Five, Mystery Series, Adventure Series, St Claire's, Malory Towers, etc.


Amish's Books - The Shiva Trilogy, The Ram Chandra Series, Suheldev, etc are amazing books. These books are inspired by Indian history and mythology. They are in no way "old fashioned" or "boring" just because they are taken from mythology. The construction of the books are ingenious, and reading them is a must. It's a best seller. These books however contain adult language and improper content... so it may be better to be 14+ before reading them. I promise that these books are not uninteresting and you will love reading them. Click here to view proof that Amish's books can make even mythology seem logical and rational.

Hunger Games - Hunger Games is one of the best, most fast moving books I have read. It is about a girl, Katniss Everdeen, who is forced to take part in a contest, where the only rule is "kill or be killed." Will she be able to save herself and the boy she loves when there can be only one victor? The Hunger Games is also a must read and it takes the reader through a wild ride of emotions. It contains violence and bloodshed.

Hope this collection of books helped you ignite your love for reading!

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